Benefits of Arpe masks

The most sustainable mask on the market

Made from r-PET Post-consumer bottles and local manufacture. We use 100% renewable energy ISO 14001 environmental certificate, ISO9001 Quality certificate and Oeko-tex Standard 100 Class I certificate. It is free of harmful substances to people and the environment and suitable for children.

Arpe face masks provide between 74% to 99% improvement in the environmental impact fowards other face masks.

Fastening systems

Adjustable straps

Sistemas de sujeción

Elastic ear loop

Sistemas de sujeción

Double elastic head loop

Sistemas de sujeción

Adaptable ear loop

98.4% bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE)
20.3 Pa/cm2 differential pressure (breathability)

Arpe Mask analytical report

Sizes available with white or black strips

G-Bag customizable textile bag to store the mask